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Increasing Mileage & Recovery | Know Thyself

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Did you do anything fun?  I am looking forward to the Fourth of July.  A day off from work and a chance to relax and pretty much do nothing (except run, of course).

I finished up my weekend with a 21 miler.  Which gave me 44 miles for the week and 150+ for the month of June.  50+ miles, per month - than I typically run.

There always seems to be an on-going debate on how much to increase your mileage.

The average rule of thumb (especially for novice runners!) is increase by 10% every week.  However, it is not a one-size-fits-all scenario.  I know some athletes who can increase more and I know some athletes should not increase that much.  I ran 3 weeks of 30+ & 40+ miles.  Last week, I dropped down to 12 miles for the entire week.  That is best for me and through LOTS of experimentation - I found what works for me, for the moment. 

Know Thyself.  Know Your Body.  

There is a difference between soreness and pain.  Soreness - expected and good.  Pain - not good.  It usually means an injury.  Stop.  Seek medical attention and healing.

I have run through so many sore muscles, I have soreness on top of soreness at times.  Last injury - March 2011 (16 months ago)

After a 21 mile run - I am in recovey mode ALL day.  That doesn't mean I am on the couch doing nothing.  That's resting, not a full recovery.

At least 3 times, preferably 4 times after my long run - I do this routine, in this order:

Foam Roller (I use the Trigger Point GRID Roller) - my entire lower body and lower back
+ Stretch out muscles (entire body)
+ ICE (knees, ankles or whatever else is rather achy at the moment).  I will even ICE if I am not achy.  This offsets inflammation
 +Compression socks to keep the blood flowing in my lower legs

Does this take time?  Yes it does, but it is worth it.  About 30-45 minutes, including the 20 minutes of icing. But, I would rather do this, than hurt, be achy and not be able to run the next day or two. 

The other thing I do for recovery - food intake

Within 30 minutes of finishing any run, I consume my NeoCell Collagen protein powder (no, I do not get paid to endorse their products). 

I will also take all my vitamins - especially Original Glutathione Optimizer (again, no I don't get paid to endorse their products - I have been using this formulation since 2008, only recently have I been hired to work for them).

RECOVERY = prepares you for your next run.  RECOVER well and you will be ready to take on the next workout.

The day after the 21 miles - expected soreness, but nothing overwhelming. 

This week:  LVTC Notch Run at Mt Charleston.  I will share you my story about this race, later on this week.

Have a great week!  Please feel free to share your RECOVERY commenting below

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  1. This is a great post! I spent last year running through the pain and I paid for it...This year I am doing things very different. Resting, eating better, foam roller, massage and stretching... And my favorite (NOT) core workouts!

    1. Good for you! Do what is best for your body - you know it better than anyone. Thanks for the comment. Keep up the great training and recovery!

  2. Great post, as always. Although it is often easy to forget, I have finally learned (at least most days) to take the time to do what I know I need to after a workout of any size. Thank you for always having reminders for us all. The recovery socks/sleaves are also something I have learned to wear on a plane or in a car when I know I am going to be stationary for an extended period, for me at least it has helped.

    1. We are all learning. I learned it is SO easy to slip back to old habits. I use this recovery out of necessity - I want to feel better, post run. The compression sleeves/socks are great for many uses, not only running. Thanks for commenting, Julia!


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