Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bad Bass 5k | Loads of Fun!

Started the weekend with a 500 mile/11 trip in the car.  Thank goodness for comfy hotel beds.  Woke up the next morning feeling good and ready to run a 5K at Lake Chabot (near San Francisco)

A few months ago when I registered for the San Francisco Half….Endorphin Dude (aka Tony Nyugen) told me I had to run the 5K, the day before.  Seemed like a great idea, I would need a good run out, after a long car ride.  Plus, it gave me a chance to see Tony and other friends.  

I drove 45 to Lake Chabot.  Cloudy and cooler temps. 57 degrees.  It was 104 in Vegas.  Upon arrival I got my bib and shirt (decided to wear the race cotton shirt – it was only a 5K, it wouldn’t be that bad, plus, I was COLD).

After I got my shirt I met up with Tony and The Cheweenie.  It was my first time to meet that little girl and I was so happy to meet her!  Tony and I have a traditional pre-race.  This time, Chewbecca tried to protect Tony, but she seemed more focused on posing for the camera. (She is such a Diva Doggie)

Battle #3
The race was Brazen Racing Bad Bass 5k, 10k and Half.  It was a “flat” course, out and back at Lake Chabot.  I should of known that “flat” in San Francisco would be rolling hills to anyone else.  

From the moment I arrived, I could feel the great energy at this race event. Brazen Racing is one of the most popular RD’s in that area and I could see why.   For the amount of money we pay, they bring in top notch staff, set up and even an engraving table for the medals.  A professional operation on a local scale.

We even had bag pipes at the start and finish (I am told that is a tradition at his races).  I also LOVE races that have SOMETHING at the Start/Finish Line vs just a couple mats.  He had the inflatable arch.  Really ads something to an event.  Wish more RD’s would do that.  (Yes, I know they cost $1,500).  

So, we start the race, and I hit my first “hill” and I think…”okay…this isn’t bad, it will flatten out”. Wrong.  It was rolling inclines and some serious steep hills on the back end.  It was so much more difficult than Devil, but with cooler temps.  

When I came through the Finish Line at 27: 43…I was thinking “what the heck?”  I pushed and never let up the entire time…despite the hills.   Oh well, I was still loving the scenery, the crowds and waiting for Tony and The Cheweenie to come in (he always walks this race, because he is running the SF Full the next day)

Later on…I found out that the course was 3.3, not 3.1.  That added at least 2+ minutes to my time, if not more.  No wonder I crossed at 27:40.  But, it was a great way to run out my legs and spend some time with my running buddies!

I am cheering on all the racers at the Finish (you know how I love to do that!) – someone walks up to me and says, “have you seen the results?  You were one of the front runners…you should check it out”

So, I walk over to the table and ask to see the results – and there it was…I was first in my Age Division, by 4 minutes and 35th Overall (out of 338) & 15th Female.  I was shocked!  Brazen gave out medals for 1,2 & 3 in all Divisions and Overall.  Another great touch.  

A few moments after that…I heard a roar of the crowd and of course, it was Endorphin Dude crossing the Finish Line with The Cheweenie.  He is the local celebrity!

Endorphin Dude and The Cheweenie crossing the Finish Line
Finisher Medal and Age Division Award

The Cheweenie with her Finisher Medal

Me, The Cheweenie and Ladybug's Ball

The 3 of us

After the race, Tony, Diana, David and I went out to lunch.  We shared racing stories, laughs and Tony had this fascination with the number 26 during the drive.   Next time you see him, ask him about 26 while driving in my car.

Next stop….San Francisco Expo and then onto the Marathon Maniac/Half Fanatic Dinner.

It was a FAB-O start to a great weekend!  Wish I could do more of the Brazen Races. 

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend for all. I was excited to hear about your experience with Brazen Racing. Have been trying to work in a race with them and this makes me want to try even more. Thank you for a great review!

    1. You will love them. Great medals, great food, GREAT crowd. For a smaller local event...they really know how to do it right.


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