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To Maniac or Not to Maniac | What a Weird Question

When I ran my first race (Vegas Half in 2010) I saw lots of singlets with


For those who don't know, both are clubs that you qualify to join by running a certain number of Half's and Full's.  You can move up the ranks (so to speak) within both Clubs.  It's a crazy group of international runners all over the world who love to run and encourage everyone else to achieve their goals.  You might of seen us/them at any major race - we have a traditional pre-race photo session. 

I qualified for Half Fanatics at 2011 Hoover Dam, where I finished my first sub2 Half.  Moved up a level at Running From an Angel in January 2012.  I am HF #1508

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So- the next question is when will I try for Marathon Maniac status?  With 90% of my running friends are MM's, I have finally bowed-down to peer pressure and will work to achieve that status this Fall.

You can join MM's by running 2 Full's within 16 days or 3 in 90 days.  Since I have to travel for most of my races ($$$), I have opted to do the 3 in 90 days.

  • St George - October
  • Malibu  - November
  • Hoover Dam - December

So, once again - I will be qualifying for Marathon Maniacs at Hoover Dam and I will be an official HF/MM Double Agent.  Rumor has it that a special Maniac is going to lend me his MM singlet so I can carry it across the Finish Line, to mark the special occasion.... (can't wear it until I am qualified)

Are you a Half Fanatic or Marathon Maniac? 

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  1. I hope to be this cool one day, but for now I'll just run my one 1/2 marathon in October.

    1. And that is a HUGE accomplishment! Goal evolve and change. When or if you want to race more - the road is always there for you

  2. I am a half fanatic and I hope to be a Marathon Maniac at the end of this year... I also chose the 3 races in 90 days option... My goal is only to finish, upright with a smile on my face.. I am not going for a specific time... just to have a good time!

    1. You and are twins! That's my goal, at all races. The trophies, awards - etc are all perks, not my motivation.

  3. Someday, but right now I need to focus on listening to my body and good recovery instead. Good luck and what an accomplishment!

    1. That will serve you well! Keep at it and you will be glad you did!


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