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RACE REPORT: LVTC Ugly Tie 5K | Seconds Away From My PR

Some say you cannot have fun and run fast.  I have always disagreed with that thought process.  I have seen some pretty fast runners who smile, who gives a thumbs up, rock n roll sign and even wearing tu-tu's. This was my time to wear a neck-tie on a race...

Today was the 4th Annual LVTC "Ugly Tie" 5K and 2miler.  The race was at one of my favorite courses, the Old SilverBowl Park near Sam Boyd Stadium.  The course is relatively flat.  Out and back.

But, this is Vegas so even at 7am we are dealing with 80++++ temps in the Summer.  

But first, the tie.  I wore one of my husband's old ties, from when he was a Manager at Cracker Barrel.  It was yellow (yes, yellow) with scrambled eggs and other assorted breakfast foods.  Fine for CB, but I couldn't imagine anyone wearing this tie any place else.  I wore a Royal blue singlet to match the colors in the tie.  The race was an Ugly Tie event, not an ugly outfit, so I had to find something reasonable nice to wear.

My intent for this race was to see where my speed was.  I had not PR'd since November, but I had a good finish time at Mums on the Run, in May.  So, that was my gauge for this race.  With the large amount of slow miles I have been logging, it's hard to say how my legs would react to an all-out-sprint for 3 miles.

I don't care how good you train, you always doubt.  I knew I was capable of finishing at a sub25, done it several times - but could I do it today?  Not sure.  After the surprise heat cramps from Las Vegas 5K - I couldn't help but wonder, what was my body going to surprise me with today?

Here I am all iPod wired-up, Kool-Tie'd and Ugly Tie'd.  (how much more can I dangle around my neck?  Geez)

Photo courtesy of Maratha Corazzini

Gun goes off....friend, Martha Corazzini wasn't too far behind me. We are in the same age division.   I always love seeing her at races - we both love dogs & love running.

Nothing major happened at all during the race.  All was steady and I was feeling fine.  Not overly speedy, I could feel the fatigue in my legs from yesterday's trail run + other weekly miles, but nothing to stop me in my tracks.  Most importantly, no heat cramps nor side stitches (thank you Kool-Tie!)

As I came up on 2.75+, I looked at my watch and saw 23+++.   Gosh, I thought, "I might be able to PR!"  (my PR is 24:44 from last November).  So, I tried, I REALLY REALLY tried to push, but legs weren't having it today. 

I crossed the Finish Line at 24:59.  Can't complain and it is 15 seconds faster than my time a month ago (also a flat course in the heat).

-So, I would say my speedwork/fartlek sessions are serving me well-

By the time I finished, I was dripping sweat down my back and down my legs.  Yep, I was hot.

Martha came in shortly after me with a strong performance and a beautiful smile on her face, as always.

Here is Martha:   

Photo courtesy of Maratha Corazzini

And Steffan:

Photo courtesy of Maratha Corazzini

And some cutie-pie doggies at the Finish Line:

Photo courtesy of Maratha Corazzini

I won 1st Place in my A.G., but what really got me excited was I won an Ugly Tie Prize!  I won an Outback Gift Certificate.  Oh yea, gonna get Daddy a steak for Father's Day!

Top 10 of the Ugliest Ties Contestans- (Four of us won Prizes):

Photo courtesy of Maratha Corazzini

Photo courtesy of Maratha Corazzini

It was a fun event. The RD gave it a great vibe and energy.  I am glad I raced.  Here is the RD (wearing a tie), Ryan and Tim (not wearing a tie lol).  Kudos to them both for another great community event!

Photo courtesy of Maratha Corazzini

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