Tuesday, June 5, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Bengay Zero Degrees

A few weeks ago I was contacted by an agency asking me to sample the newest Bengay product

Bengay Zero Degrees

When I hear "Bengay",  images of smelly, greasy ointments cross my mind.  I can't remember the last time I used a Bengay product.  I have used several topicals, including essential oils with great results.  If the agency had not contacted me, I would of never given this product a second chance.  Bengay is not a product I typically use. 

This product intrigued me.

  • It claims to go on cold.....AND it is the first and currently the only topical you can keep in the freezer (but you do not need to keep it in the freezer)

That gets my attention

So, the sample arrives and I popped it into the freezer right away.  I knew the next day would be a HOT summer run.  Perfect time to see how it works.

After my run, I took it out of the freezer and glided it onto my knees and ankles.  It glides on just like an anti-perspirant, but I would recommend you ensure it is smoothed on all the way.  I didn't in a couple places and it left a blue goo.  Easily fixed.

Another bonus:  it has a vanishing scent.

How many are tired of "eau du Ben Gay" smell on our bodies?  Your spouse or kids think that is your favorite fragrance? 
I like how I don't have the tingle sensation of "it working" on my skin.  But it was working, I felt the relief right away.

I continued to use it for the next few weeks, after ever run.  During a morning when my ankle was feeling rather cranky, I applied it BEFORE the run.  I had instant relief. 

The price point is a little higher than other topicals, but it appears to last a long time.

I checked around local drug stores and found the prices range from $12-$13, but I found the exact product much cheaper on Amazon.com

I think I will be purchasing an additional one to keep in my race day bag.  Not only is this a great pain reliever, the coolness sure helps the body temp to come down, during these hot, summer months.  

Anyone else used this product?  What has been your experiences? 

*Opinion of this product is my own and not influenced nor compensated by anyone.

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