Thursday, June 28, 2012


I am known for offering lots of prizes on my Virtual Races.

Well, I decided to expand that to my blog.

Get ready - I am going to be offering a prize package that will blow you away!

Running Gear, Food items, Books and more!
(Hint: - take a look at my previous product previews) 

The best part - the prizes go to ONE person!  Yep - one person gets the whole shabang!

How do you become eligible for the prize package? 

1.  Comments on my Blog (not FB or Twitter) - only Blog comments
2.  Only open to those who are Members of my Blog

The more you comment on my blog articles- the better your chances to win the prize!

If you are not a member of my Blog - be sure to join today -you can only win if you are member of my blog!

How to join?  On the left hand column under FOLLOWERS - click JOIN THIS SITE & follow the steps.  Be sure to use your Google ID/Google Mail when you join. 

Giveaway period starts soon!  
Don't miss out... join my blog today! 

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  1. Trying one more time to see if I can post something. I can see myself listed on the members on my screen but don't know what's up.

  2. WAHOO!! Let's try this again!


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