Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Ongoing Saga of Lance Armstrong | Hearsay is Bunk

I felt this FB post was worth copying and pasting - from Gary Allen (respected Marathoner, Public Speaker and Race Director).  

"The US Anti Doping Agency (USADA) has now brought charges against Lance Armstrong even though he has NEVER EVER tested positive for any performance enhancing substances and a federal investigation was recently dropped due to complete lack of evidence. The USADAs so called 'game changer' is this, "numerous riders, team personnel and others will testify based on personal knowledge acquired either through observing Armstrong dope...." - USADA.

Wait. Is this really hard evidence or just hearsay? Could former riders or teammates be motivated by money or other things? I ran right beside Lance in the 2006 NYC Marathon and I'm thinking if he was jacked on something he would have run a lot faster and suffered a lot less than he did. So now he can't compete in triathlons until this mess is debunked. How good is for their sport in the long run?

Who he the heck is the US Anti Doping Agency anyway?

Meet the U.S. ADA. Not a single athlete here. Two attorneys and a chemist. Business must be slow at the USADA cause they have done a great job getting their organization into the headlines. Maybe they'll be asking for pay raises soon for getting the USADA so much attention.

CEO: Travis Tygart
Previous general counsel for the USADA. Originally a sports attorney for a legal firm at the associate level.

General Counsel: William Brock III
A litigation specialist.

Chief Science Officer: Larry Bowers

PS Until someone shows me some hard conclusive evidence that says otherwise, I will stand with Lance and my yellow LiveStrong bracket will remain securely on my wrist."


My response?   Good post, Gary - I agree and I would add, how can ANYONE test negative for decades if they are in fact steroid users. Another point: IF he did encourage his fellow teammates to use EPO, wouldn't he ALSO show them how to beat the drug tests?  If he is THAT good at hiding his EPO use, why aren't others?  

Prove me otherwise, with one failed drug test - and I will take back my words, in a heartbeat. 
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