Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NEED BOOK IDEAS | What Would You Like to Read?

When I was in Jr High I discovered my love of writing.  It was my goal to be a Journalist.  I even received an offer to work at a local newspaper after High School (which fell through at the last moment).

I still like to write.  I still have all my short stories and poetry from earlier years.

Every so often (actually, at least once a week) I receive a private email asking if I have authored or book or when will I write a book.

As much as I love to write - the idea of writing a book eludes me.  I am not one who wants to sit down and write a biography (everyone does that).

So - I am asking all my readers to help me decide on what type of book to write.  I would like to begin writing it this year and maybe finish in 2013. 

What I will not write about:

-Techniques of running
-Nutritional issues
-Recipe book
-Weight Loss

Why not?  There are enough (if not, too many) books on those subjects.  I would like to write a book that inspires people - but exactly what and how?

I feel it time to pursue the idea of writing a book...but I won't write a book, just to write a book.  It must serve a purpose.  I will hire an Editor because I will self-publish.  I have seen WAY too many self-published books that should never been published.  Bad storytelling, bad grammar - just bad overall.  I won't do that.

As an Runner - what do you want to read about?  Thanks in advance for your ideas and input - I look forward to hearing about them.  Please comment below....

P.S.  If I choose to write a book - the person who comes up with the best idea...I will acknowledge them in my book and they will receive an autographed copy of my book, when it is in print.

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