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My Training Strategy for ET Full Moon | Amp it Up!

My last Full Marathon was LA Marathon on March 18th. It seems just like yesterday!

Since then, I have raced:

4 5k's
2 10k's
2 Half Marathons

Each one of those races served as a training run for me to bring me back to one of my favorite events, the ET Midnight Full Moon.  Gun time is 12am. Yep, we start after midnight!  I ran the Half Marathon last year.  It was my first Half Marathon after my hip injury.  It was so monumental to me.

Running under the bright shooting stars, hearing coyotes, cows mooing all the way to Rachel, NV.  I remember feeling like I was floating the entire way or maybe it was the Alien Beams pulling me along?  I had PR'd on that course, but in my mind, I conquered the world. 

Here is a picture of me crossing the Finish Line, in complete disbelief I had PR'd on that course.  (The Race Clock shows the 10K time, not the Half Marathon Time).  I finished the Half in 2:07.  My previous PR (on a flat course) was 2:11. This race paved a way for me to accelerate my Half Marathon training with a new PR of 1:44 a few short months later.

After not having the appropriate training time for LA Full, I went into that event with the hopes to Finish upright and have a blast.  I did that entire event on pure adrenaline and nerves.  Looking back, I am surprised I finished in the time I did. Shows you what adrenaline can do for your body, huh?

My LA Full Finish.  (I still can't believe I ran a Marathon)
At this year's ET Full, I won't have that adrenaline of running my first Full Marathon, so I must be better prepared.

The LA Full course cannot compare to ET Full.  ET Full is straight uphill for 13 miles.  It's a challenge to say the least, but with the proper preparation, it will not defeat me.

In the past, I typically ran 23-25 miles a week.  I am now running over 30 miles with much shorter runs during the week and longer long runs.  Why?  Building up my race strength by being on my feet longer, in one run.  By the end of July, it will be over 40 miles.   I believe in Rest and Recovery, but I often will run when my legs are tired to teach them to keep working through muscle fatigue.  This is a gradual process, but it has worked for many athletes. 

Other things that has changed:

PREVIOUS:  Abs = 3 days a week
NOW:  5 days a week

PREVIOUS:   Hips/Glutes = 2 days a week
NOW:  5 days a week

PREVIOUS:  Squat Sequence = 2 days a week
NOW:  3 days a week + Burpee's

PREVIOUS:  Upper Body = 1 day a week
NOW:  2 days a week 

I have designed each of my workouts to not be longer than 15-20 minutes.  I can easily do them during my lunch breaks or in between business calls.  

FINISH TIME GOAL:  Don't have one!  I finished LA Full in 4:46:51.  I can't compare the two courses, so I won't even attempt to beat that time.  I have a 13 mile hill to conquer to get me to the Finish Line, that's a goal in itself.   

I may not be faster at ET Full vs LA Full, but I will be stronger, both mentally and physically.  

ET marks the beginning of a new racing season for me.  In the months following, I have a minimum of 4 more Full's within the next 6 months.  Why?  To bring me back to LA Full, better and stronger.  I have good friends who will be running along side of me on many of these races, to teach me how to pace for a Full and develop my own strategy.  I couldn't ask for anything more. I have the best running friends!

What strategies do you have when you are training for a more difficult race? 

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  1. Great way to approach it, both mentally and physically. And I'm betting that regardless of time, you'll have huge satisfaction from finishing this challenging course!

    1. Thanks for your comment and compliment! Having run the Half last year, I will take great satisfaction in knowing I ran the ET Full. That's my goal - feel great at the end.


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