Friday, June 1, 2012


Every so often - I will be offering some free deals on Fridays.  It might be a promo code from a selected vendor, free products or services....

So let's start with my First FREE FAB-O FRIDAY!!!

Do you have a race in July - Aug or September that you are focusing on?

I can help.

For the first 10 people who send me an email on this blog post - I will give you a complete Running Training Program...for FREE.  No strings - no "by the way" - this is a Gift.  From me to you. 

My clients pay me $50 for this personalized, I hope you find it just as valuable.

You are eligible for the FREE Training Program, if:

1.  You are NOT a member or part of a club/team that provides you training, coaching or mentoring. 
2.  You accept responsibility for your own health and training.  My training is only a guide.  Know your body & your limits.
3.  By sending me the email you agree with #1 and #2

The following in formation must be in your email (do not skip/omit the information, if it is not in your email, you may not receive a training program). The Training Plan can be for up to 18 weeks from this week. 

1.  First Name & Last Initial
2.  What race are you currently training for?  (Distance & Date)
3.  What is your current PR's for 5K, 10k and Half?
4.  How many miles are you willing to train a week?  15-19 or 20-25 or 26-35 or 36-45 or more?
5.  Are you a Novice?  Intermediate or Advanced Athlete?
6.  What is your goal Finish Time?
7.  What day of the week is your Long Run Days?

When your training program is ready, I will email you a PDF


I look forward to hearing from the 10 runners who are in need of a Training Program.  Run FAB-O! 

If you are not one of the 10 runners, don't fret!  I will offer this again in the coming months. 
Thank you for the emails!  All 10 Training Plans have been accounted for.  Stay tuned for next time!

(c) C. Ragsdale 2011-12
Run F.A.B.,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
Running Coach, Certified Sports Nutritionist & Public Speaker
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