Thursday, June 14, 2012

Attn: Fitness & Nutrition Bloggers | Looking for Product Reviewers

In my daytime job, I am a Social Media Manager for several brand clients. 
One of my SM clients is seeking to find Fitness & Nutrition Bloggers who are willing to receive the product (at no cost to you), test their core Glutathione Optimizer product for 30 days, and report back the results and write a blog review.  
 If this interests you - please review this site: and email with:
Your Name, Blog URL, # of Monthly visitors, FB Likes & # of Twitter Followers.  All requests will be considered.
The company has a limited number of free product to send out, so please do not delay if you are interested. Your blog article will also be circulated by the company throughout Social Media. 
P.S.  I have been using this product since 2008.   
CLICK HERE for my product testimony

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