Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adventures of Dried Up Bananas

My husband bought me a food dehydrator for Mother's Day.  A month later, it was still unused.  So, on Father's Day - we decided to finally try it out.

I wanted a dehydrator to make snacks.  Not so much for snacks at home, but when I am out and about doing errands, during runs and out-of-state travels.  As a person who doesn't eat meat, I can't always tote around fresh fruit in my purse or bag. And this time of year in Vegas, to leave anything perishable in a bag, could be deadly.  Quite often, I will run into a grocery store to buy a piece of fruit, when I am hungry.  But, when you are on the go - another stop can be...more hassles. 

We tried apples.  Good!

We tried bananas next.  I am so use to those rock hard pieces of bananas, and I don't like them - but I was willing to try it.

After making a batch, they come out leathery AND sweet!  (found out that the hard-as-rock bananas are typically full of preservatives).

So, I went to the store and bought 2 lbs of bananas

Here they are sliced up and on the hydrating trays

In the dehydrator

And afterwards.

Two lbs of bananas:  $1.50, that's 75cents a pound. Buy the banana chips in the store?  I have seen them from $2.50 to $5/lb. (No, Thank You!)

It took me about 5 minutes to cut up all the bananas and place them in the dehydrator. 

We are moving forward to dehydrate other fruits and veggies.  Some we will keep for soups and such.  Can't wait to dehydrate fresh herbs.

Not only will this save money, we control the content of what is on the food.  If you are interested in a dehydrator, there are many options and different prices.  We bought ours through

Do you use a dehydrator?  What are your favorites? 

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