Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Runner's Credo

1.  Respect ALL Runners for where they are today.  Today's back-of-the-packer maybe tomorrow's superstar

2.  NEVER find humor in other runners injuries, falls or other mishaps

3.  Never leave a fallen runner behind

4.  A runner's worth is not based on their speed, but by the character of their run

5.  When you look down on another runner, someone is looking down on you

6.  Applaud when racers need praise

7.  Encourage when they need a pat on the back

8.  Compete against oneself, only.  

9.  Do not race with or against someone to embarrass another runner

10.  Own all your Finishes, good and the bad. 

11.  Be good Ambassadors to the sport 

12. Thank all Volunteers.  They don't have to be there, but we could not race without them.

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What are your personal racing credo's

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