Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pasadena Half Marathon: My Focus

This weekend is going to be a very special race weekend.

Over a year ago I met a great guy online - he is known as "Marathon Mitch".   Since then, we have seen each other at several races in California and Nevada.

He began his marathon career at the same race I did - the LA Marathon, although his career began 12 years ago.

This weekend at the Pasadena Marathon he will be celebrating his 100th Full Marathon.  Not 100th race, but 100th Marathon.

What an amazing accomplishment!  

Runner friends from all over California and neighboring states will be coming in to run and celebrate Mitch's special day.  Most will be running the Full, I am running the Half.

My original plan was to run the Full - then I realized if I ran the Full, I would miss him crossing the Finish Line - since he is so much faster than me.  That is a moment I am not going to miss. 

So, while my focus is to have a solid race performance at Pasadena - my real focus doesn't come until I cross that Finish Line and wait for Mitch. 

To Mitch - you are an inspiration to more runners than you know.  You give of your time and yourself at races and as a supporter.  This is YOUR day, YOUR moment!

Here is a recent picture of Mitch and at at the Red Rock Full in March.  This was his 98th Marathon.  I was working the last aid station.

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