Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Ninja Team Departure | To Everything is a Season...

(I know the title of this blog post may come as a surprise to you.)

I am making a formal announcement to be proactive and hopefully prevent any gossip, rumors and speculations on the reason for my Ninja Team departure.  

  • I did not have an argument with anyone on the team.
  • I did not have a disagreement with anyone on the team.
  • I am not mad with anyone on the team.
  • I am not injured, hurt, depressed, sad or anything in between.  
  • And....I am not seeking nor joining another team or club.  

My reasons for leaving the team are private 

and I intend to keep it that way. 

For that reason, I will be closing the comment section of this blog post.  

To my former teammates, I wish you only the best in your goals and aspirations.  I look forward to running on the same course with you for many years to come.  

Thank you to all my readers for your understanding in this matter and respecting the way I wish to handle it.

UPDATE:  5/09/12 - Some have asked if I communicated my resignation with the Ninja Co-Founders prior to my blog posting.  Of course I did!  In fact, they acknowledged my Team resignation a day before I wrote this blog post.  Hope that clears up any misinformation floating around.

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