Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Ladybug's Amongst Us

I view death as part of our life journey.  I never believe it is "good-bye" forever, but a "so-long and see you soon".  While it is heartbreaking to part ways with those we love, I am comforted in knowing I will spend all eternity with them.

Including all my pets.  I have had many pets in my life. Everyone has been a sibling, a friend, a comforter and my support.

When we gave Ladybug her eternal rest in March 2011, I never imagined in my wildest dreams how, even after her death how she would affect my life and the lives around me.

Quickly, my Ladybug patch on my visor and/or race day shirt became a trademark that everyone knew.  At races, I have people walking up to me saying "you are the Ladybug woman!"

In the past few weeks, I have struggled.  I have struggled with a lot of decisions that I needed to make.  Some I didn't want to, but all were needed for my peace of mind.  These decisions affected me professional with my work (Social Media) and also with my running career.

As I am THE habitual self-doubter, I often wondered if I was making the right choices, despite those around me showing and telling me I did.

When Ladybug was alive - she would sense when I had struggles in my life - she then would curl up in my lap and never leave my side.  If tears came, she would lick them away.

In the past week, while I still had hard decisions to make and try to prepare for my next race (Pasadena Half) - a series of pictures appeared on my personal FB page.  I knew what they meant.  These pictures served a reminder to me that she is still with me and all will be okay.

They say that Ladybug's bring luck.  I think it's more than that.  I think Ladybug's bring joy and happiness.  

I know that is what she brought to our lives - joy & happiness. 

Here are the pictures -  hope they make you Smile & give you Hope ------ today, I feel joyful and at peace.

May you feel the same......

From Angela

From Terri

From Jen

From Karen

(c) C. Ragsdale 2011-12
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