Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Joy of Having Too Much | A FAB-O Story

For those who participated in the Virtual FAB Running Celebration Event, you know I have been scrambling to get the medals to everyone.

Since UPS delivered the box to wrong location, the vendors have worked tirelessly to replace the medals.

All is fine now and I have the medals in hand.  Once I return from the Pasadena Half Weekend, the medals will be sent out.
As I sit here, starting to sort through all the medals, to get them ready for packaging and shipping - I realized I was sent too many medals.  I didn't pay for extra, but the vendor sent extra's in case I needed them. 

I started thinking - what am I going to do with these extra medals? 

A few moments later, one of the FAB-O participants, (Julia B.) contacted me and her email reminded me of the charity that our Olympic Marathoner, Meb K. is hosting.  Medals of Courage. 

He is asking the running community to donate 2012 Medals before the Olympic Games begins.  These medals will be given to Loma Linda's Children Hospital and presented to the children.

For more information - CLICK HERE 

Whether it is one medal or 100 medals - they will be sent to Loma Linda Children's Hospital before the Olympic Games.  

Now, I know why the box was delivered to the wrong location.  The kids need medals.  NOTE: The vendor would of not sent extra medals had the first box been delivered correctly.

Here is a picture of the medals the kids will receive.  I think they all deserve a FAB-O medal, don't you? 

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    Too bad I missed the virtual run!!

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