Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FAB RUNNING Big Announcement!

When I first developed the FAB Virtual Runs/Events, 
I had no idea how popular they would become!

My goal is to provide at least one more Virtual Race by the end of 2012.  Details are still being worked out but here are some of the prelim's:

1.  Registration will be open months ahead of time - and that means you will have the chance to have your medal(s) BEFORE the event. 

2.  Establishing a Legacy Program, where racers who run a certain number of races in a row, will receive a TROPHY.  Not another medal, but a TROPHY commemorating your success

3. The next race will be titled "Ladybug Love Run" - it will have a 5k (timed), 10K (timed) and 1 mile (non-timed).  Those submitting times will be eligible for Overall and Age Division awards

4.  Prizes have yet to be decided and we are collecting names of those companies who wish to be a part of the next event.  If you know of a company that wishes to offer prizes and/or discounts to the FAB-O events, please have them contact me.

Exciting stuff, huh?

Wait....I have more! 

As FAB Running grows - I can see in the horizon that the daily operations will need more than just me.

I am THRILLED to announce that Angela Wozniak (Sole Sister on the Run) has accepted to work along side of me to prepare for the next race.  (As we move forward and you live in the Vegas area, there will be volunteer opportunities for you, if you wish to get involved)

My welcome and congrats to Angela in joining the FAB Running Team!

Angela Wozniak at her First Half Marathon (Tinkerbell)
 "As an avid runner I have spent the last 1 1/2 years racing and enjoying the support of the running community as I grew and improved as a runner. While working towards my goals of becoming a certified fitness and running coach, I began looking for ways to give back to the community, to share my love of running (and bling) and to connect runners from all over the country and world. Charlene and I met through running and instantly connected. It is a great pleasure to join forces with an established and well respected runner. I look forward to our venture in hosting this race."

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