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Double 5k's | Mother's Day Weekend

My last race weekend was a Double 10k

This weekend was a Double 5k

Okay, I can stop the double's.

I did not intend to make this a double race weekend.  But, I found out about another 5K (for Sunday) late on Saturday.

First Race:  Las Vegas 5K

I really great event.  Ryno Running puts on this event.  I love them because they give you a choice of swag.  A hat, bag or a pilsner glass. YAY for no shirts!  I chose the Pilsner Glass and Bottle Opener. I don't drink beer (not a fan of the taste) so I will use it for other beverages, or to just keep on my Awards Shelf. 

I was pretty excited about this race, for lots of reasons - but mainly, because I was just going to have fun, see friends and run by the Vegas Sign.  I bought a new outfit the day before - I went in the Purple direction (picture later)

The Start Time was 8:30am, and by 7:45 I was already dripping sweat down my backside.  This was my one and only complaint about this race - the Start Time.  Being this was all on asphalt, it was actually hotter.  This should of started at 7am.  I know many other racers were too hoot, also.  But...we move on

I start off the first half feeling REALLY good.  Not pushing and feeling really good at a 8:05 pace through it all.  My 1 mile split was 8:06.  Turn around was at the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign.  Those who wished to have their pictures taken at the sign could do so (I should of done that)

As I came up on 1.8 - I was PIERCED with side stitches.  I think I was in more shock than pain, at the first.  I have not had side stiches since last Fall, not even in training.  I was not at a blistering fast pace, I had not even gotten into my sprint yet.

By Mile 2, the pain was THAT bad, I had to stop for a few seconds and try to stretch out, etc.  It didn't work.  Argh!

And again at 2.5. Double Argh!

As we were heading into Mile 3 I saw friend, coaching client - Lovelace Domingo.  I could tell by the way she was running, she was STRUGGLING.  I know her body language well.  I came up beside her and tried to get her going.  The look she gave me was priceless!  LOL

I kept going.  Shin puncture wound started throbbing so I limped for a few steps and then ran it in.  I was glad to see Lovelace run past me (that is always my challenge to her, "beat me, come on now - don't let this 50 year beat you!")

I ran one of the worst 5K (in times that I have done in a year) but I NEVER set out to run this race for a PR.  It was my fun run (hence, why I should of stopped to get my picture taken.  Silly me!). I was 4th in my Age Group.

The heat was too much, even for a 5K.  For me, I can't race in the heat - so I won't be doing any late start races anytime, soon.

Met up with more friends and chatted.  It was good to catch up with many.  Here is a picture of me and Lovelace after the Finish.  I am just so proud of her and her consistent efforts! 

Second race - Mums on the Run 5K

The night before I found out about a 5K Mother's Day race in the north part of Vegas.  I had to run it.  I was organized by Elemental Running.  Another great RD company in town.

Arrived at the race site (Bunker Park) - and although it was a 8am start, I was cooler, as I came prepared!  I wore a Kool-Tie to wear around my neck.  It made a difference!

It was still warm, but I didn't feel as bad.  Even my punctured wound on my shin didn't hurt. No side stitches either!  I finished only 25 seconds off my PR.  I won a Vegan Dessert Cookbook (in a raffle) and a Pearl Necklace for the race. I finished 2nd Female Overall.

Book and Pearl Necklace -

Picture of me with the RD, Carmella -

The entire weekend was good. I enjoyed it & glad I did it.  Loved my new outfit (can't wait for the rest of my new gear to arrive!) and being around lots of runners.

Summer has officially arrived in my body - so that means my Finish Times will drop dramatically. Oh well!  I keep pressing on - no matter what because I know the dividends will be huge for me come Fall & Winter.  I enjoy running - the PR's, Awards, Bling & etc are only perks to the fun I have, but not the reason I run.

Hope Everyone has a great Mother's Day!

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