Thursday, May 24, 2012

*CHAR SHARES* In Defense of Skinny People

I am tired.  I really am.  I am SO tired of hearing from people in my life or outside of my life who are overweight, out of shape and they tell me to "eat", "

"do you have an eating disorder?"
"it can't be healthy for you to work out so much!"

Stop and think for a moment, folks.

If the roles were reversed, and I told my overweight and out of shape friends,

"have you seen yourself in the mirror lately?"
"what did you eat last night, the entire cow?"
"do you know that you are a lazy slug for doing nothing but sit around all day?"

What would people say about me?

So, WHY do people find it NECESSARY to tell those who are slender that we need to "eat" or we are "too skinny"

I don't get it and frankly.  I am tired of hearing it and seeing healthy people get picked on because we choose to improve our lives and do something about our health.  Why the bullying? 

If you choose to sit on the couch and eat potato chips all day - knock yourself out!

But, please don't harp on us for making our lifestyle choices. We do not share your  "too skinny" opinion

For anyone to believe that overweight people are the only ones who get taunted and teased.  They are wrong.  It happens both ways, but picking on slender/skinny people is more acceptable, isn't it?

Skinny people are NOT the unhealthy epidemic in this world, is it?  Why do those who are not as skinny - love to taunt us?  I have several obese friends. I would NEVER, EVER in a million years make fun of them. 

Next time you tell me or another skinny person to "eat a burger" -------

Think before you do - there is a human being, also. 

 Now...I need to go eat a Rice Cake & a piece of celery. 

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  1. Charlene.....:-\ Thank you for this. I had an episode few days ago when I went through this myself. I even posted on a status about "I have been asked/accused of having an eating disorder more times in the past 24 hours then I can handle!" That is all I ever get as well. I choose to be healthy therefore I starve myself, I workout too much, and I am killing myself cause I don't eat "enough". Enough said. I'll take it. ::rolls eyes:: Once again...thank you.

    1. Jodymarie - I am so sorry rude people invaded your life. You keep doing what you are doing and let the haters go to another neighborhood.

  2. Very true post. I think most of these comments are motivated by jealousy. I honestly hate having to defend my running and marathon training. I am constantly told by friends and family that running that much is bad for you. ARGGHHHH, it is frustrating. Can't people just keep their comments to themselves. I'd rather run too much than drink too much which half my friends do.


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