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BLOG INTERVIEW: Yolanda Holder, The Walking Diva

By popular request, my next Blog Interview is with Yolanda Holder, "The Walking Diva".  Hang around a major racing event, and you will soon hear the name of Yolanda Holder.  She is the current World-Record Holder for the Most Marathons completed in a year, by a Woman.

Ironically, she broke the record at my first-ever race in 2010 in Vegas.

Recently, Yolanda self-published a book narrating her time pursuing the Guinness World Record.

Yolanda Holder at the Pasadena Marathon 2012
  • When did you start Power walking?  And why?   
I started Power Walking 14 years ago.  A girlfriend asked me to walk a “walkathon” with her and I loved it.

  • Most don’t view “power walking” as a real racerwhy is that?   
Most think we are taking the easy way but what they fail to realize is that we use different muscles, it much harder to keep the pace and you must stay focus to meet the cutoff or finish time.

  • In 2010 when you decided to break the Guinness World Record – how far in advance did you plan out your year?  
I planned my year a year in advance which was easy because I used my 2008 & 2009 marathon schedule.  I won Marathon Maniac of the Year in 2008 which I power walked 65 marathons and in 2009 I power walked 77.  

  • Was a Guinness Rep on-site to confirm each of your races?  How is that process to get in the World Record Book?  
 I didn’t have a Guinness Rep on site.  The process is very easy, you put in a quest and Guinness gives you the rules and a claim #.  Once you have completed your quest, you mail your paper work to Guinness.  Guinness will verify your claim within 8 weeks.

  • What type of training did you do between your marathons?   
I did double and triple marathons every weekend so no training was needed.  Rest and sometimes pilates two days a week.
  • What is your nutrition/diet plan?    
My diet consist of bananas, bagels, fruit and vegetables and pasta the night before a marathon.

  • What are some of the races you want to run but have not done?    
Boston and Chicago
  • What goal is next for you?   
Break my own record
  • How many miles do you train each week now?   
20 to 30 miles
  • How many races do you race a month now?   
3 to 4 

Labor of Love - April 2012

Surf City - February 2012

  • What is the one constant (thought, good luck, charm, etc) in your racing?   Finishing and receiving my medal!
  • Do you have a Most Memorable Moment during racing?   
Meeting first time marathoners.  Those are the most memorable
  • Please share why someone would enjoy your book?    
My story makes the impossible look possible.  My book will inspire you to get moving, get fit and find your “happy”

  • Where can someone buy your book? 

  • Anything inspirational/motivational you wish to say to my readers?     
Keep believing in yourself and your dreams.  You’re never too young to start something new!

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  1. What a great achievement ! I was wondering if it were possible that you are also setting more records with your overall total marathons over the past 4 - 5 years. i.e. - 2 year record, 3 yr record, 4 yr record, 5 yr record. total life marathons for a woman. I know the director of the Boston Marathon (Dave ? ) (I can't remember his name right now, has done over 700 marathons in his life. Yolanda - check what other records you may be setting along your journey. Thanks Charlene for putting this up.

    1. Hi Forrest, sorry I didn't reply sooner - I missed your comment. Glad you enjoyed the interview!


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