Thursday, May 24, 2012

BLOG INTERVIEW: Steve Thornock, LVTC President

It's time to highlight another great Running Club in the Vegas area - Las Vegas Track Club.

Today's interview is with the LVTC President, Steve Thornock

1.  When did the LVTC start?
The LVTC started as a Non-Profit in 1969

2.  What is the purpose?
It started as a fun way to get in shape for guys that were drinking buddies.  Our Scholarship Program started in 2000 which has now given away over $99K in Scholarships!

3.  How many members?
1048 as of April, 2012 of all ages and running skill levels 

4.  What are the low-key races?
Our LVTC Low Key Races are timed ($3 for Members/$5 for Non-Members) with Race Ribbons for all.  No Shirts.  No Food.  Affordable to race.  All low-key's take place at various parks/areas throughout Clark County.  Kids under 10 always race for free. It's a great time!

Low-Key Race
5.  How many scholarships do you hand out a year?
Up through last year, most every high school senior that applied won $500 or more.  This year, 18 applied.  About half of them will share $15,000!

6.  What are some of the key races the LVTC hosts each year?

In addition to our 20 or so Low Key Races, we host T-Shirt Races such as our Championship Series 10K, Celebrate Education/National RUN A MILE Day Run, Legends of Cross Country, Notch Run, Forest Challenge as well as our four Charity T-Shirt Races each year.

Forrest Challenge

Notch Run

Celebrate Education Run

For more information about upcoming races or LVTC, please go to their website at

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