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BLOG INTERVIEW: Desert Dash (Trail Running Group)

Continuing onward with interviewing key racing individuals and teams/clubs.  With my recent introduction to trail running (and loving it!) I am pleased to present to you an interview with Dana Clark of Desert Dash.  They are a notable group of trail runners and organize several popular races.

1. When did Desert Dash start?
Desert Dash was started back in mid to late 90s by Jeff Hobbs. My partner, Glenn Millar, bought it from him in 2007 and brought me on board as his partner in 2010.

Glenn Millar and Dana Clark
2. What is the focus/mission of Desert Dash?
Our focus or mission is just to get people out on the trails and outdoors in general to have some fun! We are a little old school with our events, we don’t use timing chips, we use a clock. We don’t like huge crowds out there swarming all over the trails, we want a fun, enjoyable event that’s not your everyday race. We select beautiful, challenging trails and welcome all to come out.

3. Do you run as a group - when and how often?

We have a regularly scheduled group run every Wednesday night at 6:30p geared towards new runners/new trail runners to encourage them to come out in a non-intimidating setting. These are no drop runs, meaning no one gets left behind… so there’s no fear of being left behind on a trail you’re not familiar with yet there’s also no pressure to run harder or faster than you may be ready for. It’s a fun evening on the trails with quite a mix of people at all different levels, from pro ultrarunners to hikers, people with all different skill levels, ages, and backgrounds. We have a little social hour following the group run where we hang around and chat, swap stories and enjoy the beautiful desert scenery out at Bootleg Canyon. Some nights we’ll do a silly theme such as a skirt chaser run or crazy sock night. On the 4th of July, we had light up Hawaiian style leis we wore as we ran. And, many times, food is involved as well. We also offer other miscellaneous group runs throughout the year, including jaunts up to Mt. Charleston, out to Red Rock, Cottonwood and other locations.

All events get posted on our Facebook page, so that’s the place to watch for any upcoming activities.

4. Do you offer Trail Events?
We ONLY offer trail events. That’s what Desert Dash is all about. We like to play in the dirt. We try to keep our courses on singletrack mountain biking trails as much as possible. At times we have to incorporate Jeep or powerline roads but you will not find any pavement at any of our events except, perhaps, in one of our Adventure Races. For more info:  www.DesertDash.com

5. What is up and coming for Desert Dash?
We have the Bend-AR, a 12-hour and 36-hour Adventure Race coming up Sept. 21-22 in Bend, OR. Our Malibu events have been so popular that we are going back there again to Pt. Mugu with our day/night trail races on Nov. 17th. Locally, we’ll be out at Bootleg Canyon again in February for more trail racing with our Blood, Sweat and Beers day/night races on February 23, followed by another Malibu race on 3/2/13 and then our 2nd edition of The Dirty Vert, a Zipline/trail run event on 4/27/13.



"Dirty Vert" Zipline
The full 2013 schedule will be available soon on our website www.DesertDash.com

Thank you, Dana for a great interview - see you on the trails!

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