Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Actions = Achievement of our Goals

There is a story of a young couple, madly in love - they got married.  Everyday, the husband told the wife, "I love you!"  she bestowed on her flowers, cards and respect, everyday.

Slowly, things started to change....the flowers were no longer in his hands.

The kisses were less than romantic

While he told his wife everyday "I love you" - the deliverance of that message changed.  Deliverance and Presentation is everything. 

The wife began to feel distraught and unloved and wandered away from the once loving and passionate relationship.


Our personal messages are important.  I have a coaching client who has a very non-supportive family of her fitness endeavors.  After speaking with her this weekend, I found out that what is happening is her message is not the same as her goals.

In the beginning of her fitness quest, she had the families full support.  They looked forward to her new recipes and spending time together in a more active way.  But, other than the times she is training with me - her life choices are no longer consistent with her message of "I want to be healthier"

She is taking the kids to McDonald's
She is sitting in front of the TV with unhealthy snacks
She is less active than she was before

Yet, all the while declaring to her family she is on a Fitness Journey.

She is now met with rolling eyes and uninterested family members, which she is interpreting as non-supportive.

We all have messages we are projecting.  Whether it is a individual athlete, running club or team.  What is the vision?  Are you portraying the message and image in the same way you started?  Are the goals you have in place being pursued in the same fashion you once were?

In many cases, it isn't a match

  • I have interacted with many athletes who claim up and down they want to be healthier (i.e. loose weight) but they tell me this, while eating a burger & fries. Their actions do not match their public goals.

  • I have seen a running club/team as a gathering of friends, turn into a powerhouse of a running team or club and are now great Ambassadors of the racing industry.  Their actions matched their public goals. 

  • I have also seen great running club/team provide a place of acceptance for all turn into a place of ego's, overt competitiveness and poor examples of the racing industry. Their actions do not match their public goals. 

How we pursue goals and focus is how we achieve our goals.  Just like food need presentation, our goals and deliverance of that pursuit is everything, absolutely everything.

I have to constantly ask myself if my actions, decisions, people I interact with are in line with my goals.   

If they are not - change. Either change my actions or change my goals. 

Do your life actions compliment your goals?
Do your training plan allow you to achieve your goals?
Are your nutritional habits aligned with your health goals?
Are the people you interact with compliment your goals?  

How do YOU present yourself to your goals?   If your actions are not in line with your goals - there is a 100% chance you will not achieve your dreams. 

How do your actions match your goals? How do your actions contradict your goals? In what ways do you need to change?  Please feel free to share...

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