Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2 Years Ago | It Was More Than a Mile

Two years ago this past Sunday - I posted this on FB

The day before, I had attempted my first mile...I remember thinking that I had conquered the world by running my first mile at 48 years old.

Within a month of that post, I ran my first 3 miles and set out on the adventure to run my first race...the Vegas Half.

I use to think that 13.1 miles was as long as a trip around the world.  I remember thinking my body would surely collapse by the Finish.  But 7 months later I stepped up to run that first Half Marathon and a new life began.

Since's no secret that I run and race A LOT.

Regardless of my medals, awards and all the great perks - the people keep me going.  The community inspires me. 

As Mitch came across the Finish Line to celebrate his 100th Full Marathon, this past weekend - within minutes he was asking me how my Half Marathon went.

There he was - celebrating the accomplishment of a lifetime and he wanted to know about MY race.

This is typical of the race community.  The good people all sharing a common goal.  I enjoy celebrating, just to celebrate the accomplishment of the Finish.  The Awards are not the reason we celebrate.

We celebrate each other.  Just being there, is reason to party.

To my family: my husband, my sons and my doggies - it's ALWAYS for you! 

To the racing community: the good, the bad and everything in between - ALL of you have made me a better runner, racer and person.  

Thank you for enriching my life in ways you could never imagine.

Until the next race and next celebration.... I love you ALL!

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