Friday, April 27, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW & PROMO CODE: 1BandID | Make Your ID Unforgettable

Anyone who knows me - knows I am NOT a runner gadget person.  Just recently, I changed from an iPod to a wireless MP3 player for my races.  Simply because the wires were driving me nuts.

Same goes with things on my body.  When I am getting ready to run, I don't want to have yet ANOTHER item to put on my body.

That is why 1BandID is perfect for any athlete.  1BandID is a form of ID to attach to your Garmin or Sports Watch.  YAY for one less thing to remember to put ON the body!!!

According to their website, "The first and only ID designed to attach to any watch, GPS or Heart Rate Monitor ban.  We're new, and our mission is to help make ID unforgettable for triathletes, runners, cyclists and all active people by attaching it to your watch, GPS or Heart Rate Monitor band. Whether you're running, cycling, swimming, hiking or doing any outdoor activity that you love, simplify your safety with 1BandID."

1BandID agreed to send me a complimentary product to try out.  Here it is attached to my Garmin.

I have the quick release wristband (aka Velcro) and 1BandID came up with a smart way to get it to attached.  Took all of 2 seconds to attach.  Not only do they send you a product but a complete guide on how to attach.

Their customer service is outstanding and I  am glad I can wear my Garmin AND have my ID on it.  Since I do run alone so often, this is the perfect and most important accessory for me.  Even if I don't turn on my Garmin - the Garmin goes with me on every run. 

The good thing is, if you want - you can also attach it to your shoe! 

Great product - HIGHLY recommend.

The folks at 1BandID have offered 20 coupon codes for those ordering from my blog.  The first 20 people who order using the code charlene62116 will receive $2 off their order.  Only the first 20, will be allowed to use this code. So hurry!

Take a few moments and add this VERY IMPORTANT accessory to your athletic gear.  It could save your life someday.

*I was not compensated for this review.  I received a complimentary product, only.  The views expressed are mine and not influenced by any other source. 

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  1. Charlene, I have a good friend around my age (47) collapse while running recently with a severe cardiac issue. Although it was the fact that she was with an RN that saved her life, I am especially mindful of safety at this point. I was able to use the discount code to purchase my 1Band with $2 off so thank you so much!! Here's to safe running!!!!

    1. My goodness I am so sorry to hear about your friend! Safety is always my #1 focus, whether it be our personal safety, form, nutrition, or anything in between. You are welcome for the coupon code - it comes in handy.


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