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My Son's 5K PR

Last July my youngest ran his first race - a 2 miler

Last August, he ran his first 5K.

This past February he joined the Ninja Endurance Racing Team (with me).  Since then, he has gone to most of all my races, wearing his Ninja singlet (whether he is racing or not).  He has an amazing runners heart. My oldest is a supporter of the Ninja team, but doesn't want to race much.  Most of the time he is on "back pack patrol". We are a Ninja racing family.  

For months - youngest has tried to break his 5K PR from August,with no success (we all know how that feels, huh?)

This past month - I have amped up his training.  Once every 10 days he did a serious of speed work (appropriate for his age group and skill level).  Always focusing on the fundamentals.  1) Form 2) Breathing 3) Most Importantly, Pacing

I knew he needed to break that PR for his confidence.  I could care less if he ever broke it, but I know the feeling of breaking a PR and I know he needed to experience it. 

Co-Race Director-"ing".  Photo courtesy of:  Maratha Corazzini

Yesterday morning - I Co-RD'd a Low-Key race and he wanted to run the 5K.  At first, as a protective mom, I told him "no" as I knew he was still struggling with pacing.  But, moments later I changed my mind and registered him.  I knew he NEEDED to give it another try. 

Training along side the Ninja's - he has seen some lightening fast people and not-so-lightening fast people.  But, all - if not most are faster than him.  As a kid, you don't want to see that - you want to BELONG and FIT IN with the group or team.

As he stepped up to the Start Line - I took a deep breath.

One more Ninja stretch-out.  Photo courtesy of:  Maratha Corazzini

As I cheered on each of the runners coming in, I kept my eye on the Race Clock and hoping at any moment I would see the familiar black and white Ninja Singlet coming our way.

As the top finishers crossed - and we stood by to wait for the next wave or two of runners - I saw a little head bobbing in the distance....and there it was...

The black and white Ninja singlet coming towards the Finish.

I looked at the clock and I realized a HUGE PR was within his grasp.  HUGE.

He has a horrible habit of running to the Finish with his eyes closed so I screamed at him "OPEN YOUR EYES!  WATCH YOURSELF GETTING A PR!!!"

And with a flash - he SPRINTED to the FINISH.

I stood there in sheer amazement of what I had just seen.  Tears welling up in my eyes.  I have never seen him TRY so hard.  Never. 

My son had just PR'd by one minute.  ONE MINUTE on a 5K.  That's mind boggling.  He hasn't even come CLOSE in recent races.

As I stood there cheering the rest of the runners into the Finish Line - I saw him running towards me.  I swept him up in my arms - and told him how proud I was of his EFFORTS. 

He said, "I did it, Mom!  I did it!  I finally PR'd on my 5K - I feel like a REAL Ninja now!"

Exhausted Ninja, but so happy he got a PR! Photo courtesy of:  Maratha Corazzini
This was the start of something great for him.  I always knew he could, our team always knew he could.  

Now, he KNOWS he can. 

Welcome to the land of PR's, my son.  You have a long running career ahead of you.

New PR and 3rd Place in his Age Division.  Photo courtesy of:  Maratha Corazzini
Now, it's time to take it back a notch or two and work more on your fundamentals.  You have plenty of time to catch more PR's. 

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