Monday, April 30, 2012

*CHAR SHARES* YAY! You Achieved Your Goal....

Now what?

How do you stay motivated for that next race?

One word:  Register

The afternoon of my first race (2010) I wrote down AND registered for races for the upcoming year.  Nothing motivates a runner more to get out the door and train - than knowing you have an upcoming race. 

I committed to 11 races that year, I ended up racing 30+

Don't just say you are going to run - register and do it.  The motivation level goes WAY up. 

Don't wait until you feel you are ready - you will never be, until you commit.

and Register.

After you reach a fitness or race goal how do YOU stay motivated? 

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  1. You are dead on about registering being a great form of motivation! I signed up for my first Half before even being able to run a 5k. Something about spending that $100 in advance will make you get out of bed and do that training run that you normally would skip. Now I've completed 5 Half Marathons and just signed up for my first Full -- Disney next Jan. Just can't let that $100+ registration fee go to waste ya know ;-)

    1. I couldn't agree more. I hate wasting money - so out the door I go!

  2. I only just started running a few months ago and I love it and while I run the distance of a 5K on my own a couple of times a week, I'm so nervous about signing up for a "real" race. I keep telling myself it's because I'm not ready, but you're right: until I actually sign up, I won't ever be ready. So thanks, I needed to hear that!

    1. Jill - a 5K is a REAL race, don't let anyone (including yourself) that it isn't. Pick your goal and go for it. Until you do, you will never know how close you can come or better yet - ACHIEVE.

      Go for it!


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