Wednesday, April 11, 2012

*CHAR SHARES* Gender Specific Races?

Women-specific races.

I am quite confused - can someone help me understand...

Why Women "only" (yes, I know men can register, but the field is limited and they are not permitted to start in the front corrals/waves)

Celebrating Womanhood?  

We can't do that when men are around?

I can only imagine there would be a MUTINY of some sort if there was a Men Specific race, true?

For me, I can celebrate my womanhood and my running with men and women. I have just as much fun running with men as I do with women. 

For the women - please help me understand the point of a woman-only race?  Not knocking it - I am having a hard time understanding the purpose and concept.

Any thoughts? 

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  1. I guess it would be for the same reasons we do gender-spefic groups of any, tennis, Girl Scouts, etc. I think it is just a bonding thing.

    Dying to know who is the winner of your Collagen Sport giveaway!

    1. Thanks, Elle. I already posted the winner of the Collagen Sport and she has claimed their prize. Please try out the product - you will experience a difference within 2 weeks!

  2. I dislike it. I don't mind races "themed" for women (e.g., the Disney "Princess" and "Tinkerbell" half marathons) but I think it's discriminatory to exclude men, particularly men with no chance of winning who would just want to run alongside/support another competitor.

    Make me wear pink and have "princess" on my bib, but let me race if I choose, I say!

    1. Dan, I agree. I find it a rather disturbing trend. For me, I prefer to run along side athletes who will challenge me, men or women. I am most disturbed by the men not permitted to 1) run 2) start in back corrals.

      If it was the other way an all male-event, women would be screaming in revolt.


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