Tuesday, March 13, 2012

TOP TEN REASONS: Why it's Better to Race in the Rain

10. No dry mouth
9. In addition to no dry mouth, if you get thirsty before the next aid station, just bend your head backwards and open your mouth. NOTE: You might want to plug your nose
8. No smelly bodies. We are in an outdoor shower, right?
7. People sing when it rains. Just a natural phenomenon.
6. You don't care if you sweat. Better yet, you don't notice if you sweat
5. We get to play with plastic wrap and ziploc bags before the race.
4. We get to wear attractive Garbage Bags as race day attire and think we look pretty cool. 
3. Color coordinating usually goes out the window. Our goal is to just keep dry and hope we look somewhat okay
2. Doesn't everyone just look sexier in the rain?

1. Not only do we finish a Marathon, we did it in the RAIN. (I think that should count for two marathons, don't you?)

Good luck to all my fellow Californian racers this weekend!  This Desert Dweller (Vegas) will be there - hope to bring the sunshine with me!

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