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One Year Ago | The Race That Defined Me

"In running, it doesn’t matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, ‘I have finished.’ There’s a lot of satisfaction in that.” – Fred Lebow

Some say a race should never define you, but this one did, in a good way.   There isn't a race (no matter the distance) I don't think about the events of one year ago.  While the injury of that day is long behind me - it defined me.  It was a game changer and I am glad it happened. 

One year ago today, I ran the Laughlin Half Marathon.  Well, not run, hobbled to the Finish Line. (Click Here to read the original race report). That was my last running-related injury (Vegas Half was not an injury, it was a sickness). I had an active recovery from Laughlin still walked my dog (with the help of a walking stick) and started to lightly jog about a week later.  PT, massages, strretched lasted a few weeks. I ran my first race (5K approximately 6 weeks later), I didn't run my next Half Marathon until 5 months later.

To think that through proper training - I have not had an injury since that race.  That's quite mind-boggling.  No one deserves more thanks for me to be able to reach that milestone, than ChiRunning. Just as the race changed me, ChiRunning defined my racing.

Without this race, I doubt I would of learned the following:

1.  How to overcome & push forward, physically and mentally
2.  How to learn proper form to prevent further injury
3.  Find the reason why I love to run and race so much
4.  How important it is to run on one's terms and stick with it
5.  How important Strength Training is
6.  How damaging over training is
7.  I have Exercise Induced Asthma
8.  The importance of runner safety
9.  The importance of listening to your body
10. I can race on my terms

I thought about going back to Laughlin this year, but with my current race schedule, it just doesn't fit.  But, I am sure I will be back, some year. 

Even when the pain is intense, we can use it to our advantage.  Although I didn't enjoy the Laughlin Half, I will always be grateful for that race.  It made me the racer I am today and will be tomorrow.

What has an injury taught you?  How did it change your racing? 

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