Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ladybug's Busy Weekend

Our Ladybug had a busy weekend and sure got a workout!

Not only did she run along side of me during the LA Marathon - she made her return to the 6 Tunnels race day, event.

The same event, I ran my first Memorial Race for her, the day after she died.

This year, I could not be there.  So my friend & coaching client, Angela W. of Sole Sister on the Run offered to wear a Ladybug patch in her honor.  How could I refuse?  

Not only was Angela responsible for taking care of my FB Fan Page (Running With Charlene) during the weekend, she also had a Half Marathon to run.

Weeks and days leading up to 6 Tunnels, I coached her the best I could. Giving her course tips (I know that course like the back of my hand).   It's mostly trail, but also very hilly at times. Strategy and fueling is key.  I reminded her that coming in to the Final 1-2 miles, Ladybug will join her and give her the second wind, just believe.

Saturday AM arrived.  Angela and I exchanged a few texts and when I knew the gun would go off (for her) I said a prayer and took a deep breath.  This was going to be Angela's second Half Marathon (her first was Tinkerbell).

My family and I headed to the LA Marathon Expo. Which was a great distraction for me, otherwise I would of been going NUTTY for the next two hours, during her race.  During that time - my family was constantly asking me if I had heard from Angela and how did it go.

By the time we got back to the hotel, I had a text from Angela.  Not only did she run 6 Tunnels she SMASHED her PR by 12 minutes - on a rocky and hilly course!

Me and my family cried, we knew that Ladybug was with her and that for the second year in a row, Ladybug had her 6 Tunnels Memorial Race.

Here is a picture of Angela with her Medal and the Ladybug patch

Then, a short time later...she texts me this picture.  I had given her one of Ladybug's ball's - just in case she could take a picture with it:

So, the tradition continues and the memory lives on. 

What did Angela say about the race?  She said, she felt Ladybug come along side of her at the tailend, just as I promised.  In fact, you can read Angela's own race recap, HERE

From the bottom of my heart, Angela - I can't thank you enough for doing this.  It helped us so much knowing that she was out there, again.  I couldn't think of anyone better than YOU to honor her memory.

And BTW, SO proud of you!!! You done good, ROCKSTAR!

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