Friday, March 23, 2012

iFitness Belts - FINALLY we meet!

So many benefits to having a blog.  One is the great athletes I meet at events, who have read my posts.

The other is I often receive great products to review (yes, I have rec'd some not to great products, etc).

One of my first blog reviews was the iFitness Belt.  That was over a year ago.  It's the only belt for me and even my husband (cyclist) uses one.

Since then, I have gotten to know the iFitness Belt people, and I LOVE them all!  But, the real joy was being able to finally meet the person I communicate with the most, Hailey.

As I was wandering in the monsoon of the LA Marathon Expo, I had a goal: find Hailey.

Once I spotted the booth - me and my family RAN to the booth.  I can only imagine how they felt, a woman in a yellow rain poncho and yellow jacket come RUNNING up to them (that was to avoid the rain, folks)

And here is the long awaited photo of me and Hailey.  After a year, we FINALLY meet face-to-face and I am so glad we did.  (She is the one that isn't soaking wet)

Thank you to my friends at iFitness for being a Prize Donor to my Virtual Race on March 31st and April 1st, but most importantly for being such an incredible company with an AMAZING product!

I will be your "Ambassador" any time, any day!

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