Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Have No Running Regrets - Except One

When I arrived home from my first Half Marathon in 2010, I placed my Finisher Medal around Ladybug's neck.  To this day, I regret never getting a picture with her and that medal. She was my biggest fan. While she never ran with me, she always was patiently waiting for me by the door, when I would return home.

When Ladybug passed away - our entire family was in complete grief, including our Honeybear.  Honeybear paced around the house all morning and cried and cried.  That afternoon, I put the leash on her to take her for a walk.  I thought it might make her feel better.

That was the day she became my short run partner.  Our route is typically 2 miles.  And at the age of 12+ years, even our Vet is surprised how she loves to RUN the entire way.  Her short, stubby little legs galloping up and down streets.

Then came Daisy Mae.  Once we got her use to the leash, she became my Speedwork Partner, by accident.  To keep up with her, I would have to be in Tempo+ Mode (sorry, no videos)

After we returned to the hotel after the LA Marathon, and I cleaned up - I took the medal and put it around our Honeybear's neck and said, "we did, Pretty Girl.  we did it!"

Here is the picture of me kissing her on her forehead:

Then, I put the medal around Daisy Mae's neck.  She is pretty darned proud of herself, don't you think? I am sure in her mind, she is taking all the credit for my LA Finish.  (sorry you have to see me without any make-up!)

I am sure Ladybug was happy to see these pictures...
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