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How to Select the Right Running Shoe | It's Not an Exact Science

I have been running in Brooks for almost 2 years.  I started with Adrenaline's and moved onto T7's for a lighter shoe.  The T7's have served me well.

Prior to the LA Marathon I did buy some cushiony insoles to give me a little more cushion for the race.  Even with that, the balls of my feet were rather uncomfortable at the Finish.  Something I had not experienced before.

I felt, it was time to switch to a different shoe for my Half's and Full's. Keeping my T7's for 5k's and 10k's.

Here are the shoes I bought (Kinvara 2's) and yes, I know they are purple.  Won't those look nice with my black and white team uniform?

Since then, I have received several inquires how to select shoes.  Gosh, I wish there was a step by step guideline to know what to look for.  But, here are some simple steps to follow

1.  Do your research on the internet. I googled "best Marathon running shoes" and I started reading messages boards and online reviews.

2.  Ask your runner friends what they wear and WHY.  Everyone is different.

3.  Find someone who is approximately your height & weight.  See what they wear.

4.  When you walk into the store - know your body.  If the arch is off - don't buy the shoe.  Some shoe stores love to go 1 size up in shoe, that does not work for every body.  You must be diligent and only buy what you know what fits you.

5. Take a friend or your running coach with you when you buy shoes.  This is something I offer all my clients.  

It's not an exact science.  I tried on at least 12 pairs before I decided on my Purple's.  

Don't overwhelm yourself with the information.  Know your needs, know what you are wanting to accomplish and stick with the shoes that provide that need.

Remember, you know your body best.  Listen to it.

Your feet are talking to you!

What advise would you give someone who is looking for running shoes?

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