Thursday, March 1, 2012

FAB RUNNING Virtual Celebration Race Bibs Are Posted!

Registration will open SOON!

In the meantime....

Thought you would like to see the Event Day Bibs (PDF format)

Two versions (you choose) - 1) Purple and/or 2) White

You choose the one you want for your Event Day.  Both printable. You can laminate, etc.  One participant emailed to tell me she isn't going to wear a bib, she is going to make a SIGN and run holding a sign (like a race day pacer) - she said, "I want everyone to know how FAB-O, I am!"

Whatever makes you feel great - do it!

As you can see, YOU personalize your own bib! 

This day is about Celebrating why YOU are FAB-O! Personalize your Bib to share why you think you are FAB-O and wear it with pride as you run your selected distance/pace.

I made the decision to offer the Bib for free. Why?

1. There will be a few (not many, but some) who wish to participate but don't want a Finisher Medal, prizes/perks nor benefiting RRCA. That's okay with me! :)

2. Anyone can participate by printing a bib - the goal is to set goals and achieving them.

Within in the next few weeks, I will have the Celebration Medal artwork ready to share with you!

Until next time..........stay FAB-O!

What will YOU put on your bib to tell the world how FAB-O you are?

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