Tuesday, March 6, 2012

*CHAR SHARES* - Our Relationship with Food | It's a Myth

This is a blog post, has been a LONG overdue. In work as a Running Coach and a Certified Sports Nutritionist - I have seen an alarming trend, that many do not realize how lethal it can be to our health.


I am not going to get on a tangent about what foods to eat or when to eat or not to go on diets...but I am going to talk about our RELATIONSHIP with food.

Actually, I am going to talk about the NON-RELATIONSHIP we have with food.

How many times have you read in a blog or seen on some weight-loss show, "I need to change my relationship with food, in order to get healthy"

That makes my skin crawl

Folks - let's be real here. A RELATIONSHIP is between two. In that relationship there is communication, admiration (or not), there is time spent together to get to know each other.

  • When was the last time you had a CONVERSATION with food?
  • When was the last time food had a CONVERSATION with you?
  • When was the last time food held you in their arms or celebrated your victory with a smile and "I am proud of you!"?

There is no such thing as a "relationship with food"! 

You consume food for the purpose to provide nutrients to your body. That should be IT.

 It is NOT your lover, your spouse, your date, your BFF.

  • If you view food as a RELATIONSHIP - then you will be let down, every time.
  • If you view food as a RELATIONSHIP - you will learn to hate it, when you ate one too many cupcakes or cookies.
  • If you view food as a RELATIONSHIP - you give up your power to improve your life & you will make excuses.  You give food the power to CONTROL you.

So, what is food? It's not about a RELATIONSHIP it's about how you PERCEIVE food.

If you perceive it as your BFF, your lover, your whatever ails you in life - then it becomes all in your life and you turn to food to make you happy, to cheer you up, to comfort you.

Starting today - accept and know that YOU are in control of your food intake. Not the food.

End your "Relationship" with food and start to change your PERCEPTION of what food is - TODAY.

Here is a tip, I tell my clients and it works.......

Before you put ONE bit into your mouth - stop for a few seconds and think to yourself & answer the question "what nutritional value am I giving my body if I eat this?"

Stop for just one moment and think before you eat. If you cannot eat that bite without knowing the nutritional value (or lack thereof) then don't eat it.

CONTROL your perception of food - improve your life today!  Empower yourself - not let food empower you!

In what ways do you need to change your perception of food?  

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  1. I agree that you cannot have a "relationship" with food but I also come from a different perspective on this. Many people have an emotional tie to food and this is where they misconstrue it as a relationship. They eat based upon emotion not upon hunger or nutritional needs. And recovering from that is much harder than just looking at it from a nutritional stand point. It requires much more from a psychological stand point.

    1. Thanks for the comment and your insight Colleen. Actually, our insights are the same. Because some view as food as a relationship, we have a tougher time to break that vicious cycle of emotional dependency. After all, who likes relationship break-ups? When we change our perspective of food (nutritional value) we see food for what it is and the emotional connections start to diminish. It's a slow process, as with any psychological changes, but so worth it and life lasting.

      Thanks again for offering your perspective, I value comments.


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