Thursday, March 15, 2012


Digging through some old files - I wrote this back in 2007 for a Motivational website.

(written back in the day, when I use to hyphenate my last name)

Can't vs. Won't vs. Will

C = Controlling
A = Attitude
N = Not
T = Thoughts

What does this mean? When we say we "CAN'T" we are controlling our ATTITUDE to believe that! What we say our subconcience WILL believe, whether it be positive or negative.

W = Wallow
O = Overcomes
N = Normal
T = Thoughts

When we say "WON'T" we make a conscience decision not to do something. We immediately believe we "CAN'T" when we BELIEVE we "WON'T" succeed!

So, what happens when we say I "WILL"????????

W = Welcoming that
I = I am
L = Living and
L = Learning

When we say I "WILL" this immediately puts positive thoughts in our mind.

We might not have all the answers, but if we accept we WILL, then we accept we will TRY and LEARN and keeping TRYING and keeping LIVING AND LEARNING.

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