Thursday, March 22, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Chi Marathon by Danny & Katherine Dryer

Followers of my blog, FB Fan page and Twitter know I have a love affair with ChiRunning.

Simply put, if it had not been for ChiRunning, I would not be running.  After a catastrophic injury in March 2010, I began to apply the ChiRunning principles I had learned in a previous workshop.

I spent the next 4-6 weeks of my recovery practicing, practicing and practicing the technique & principles of ChiRunning.

To this day, I have not had any running related injuries.  That's 11 months - injury free.

Prior to that, here is the laundry list of my typical injuries

1.  Knee
2.  Hamstrings
3.  Hip
4.  Groin

and so on.

In the 11 months, I have become less fatigued and FASTER with ChiRunning.  Here is a picture of me comparing my form:

When the Chi Marathon publishers (Simon and Schuster) contacted me and asked if I would review the book, of course I was willing!

As fate would have it, it arrived as I was in my final weeks of prep for the LA Marathon (my first Full Marathon).  I dove into the book right away.

As an experienced student of ChiRunning I can tell you, the book was simple enough for someone who had never heard of ChiRunning to a person like me, who carries the ChiRunning book with them, wherever they go.

The information provided and expanded upon was so helpful in my prep AND most importantly during the LA Marathon.  Learning how to use your mind and body to work together.  Tap into your inner energy to make you more powerful and enduring. 

If you want to run injury free, less fatigue and eventually increase your times - this is the book for you.  Simple, straight forward and full of great information that will keep you going throughout your running career.

Thank you ChiRunning for another great resource.

If you have not experience ChiRunning, I highly recommend you order the book & DVD combo. More importantly, take a local workshop from one of the Certified ChiRunning/Walking Instructors.

It will be the best decision you ever made!

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Run F.A.B.,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
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