Saturday, March 3, 2012

Almost One Year Later | Our Ladybug

 It's almost been a year....

Since Ladybug was given her Eternal Rest.  At this time last year, we saw her deteriorate our eyes.  There isn't a day, we don't think about her.  There isn't a finish line, I don't cross without her on my mind.

For those who do not know the story, please read here

I will be unable to run the 6 Tunnels 5K or Half Marathon (I am running the LA Full, that same weekend) - I will be running the LA Full as my 1 year Memorial Run to Ladybug.

I will have this bib pinned to my back....

(FYI - I bought the big at

My family will be close to the finish line with Ladybug signs, I hope to get close enough to them to carry one of the signs across the finish line.

But, never fear - Ladybug will still be remembered at 6 Tunnels.  My Wednesday night running pal, Angela W. will be wearing a Ladybug patch during the Half.  What a great friend, huh?  

Have you ever run for a reason?  Run to honor a loved one?  Please share your story...

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