Friday, February 24, 2012

This Week and This Weekend

I went for my first run post 23.13 on Wednesday evening. Ran with a local running gal, Angela - my goal was to push her to achieve her first 5 mile run, while I loosened up my leg. She had never RUN 5 miles without stopping.

Not that it was bad, but I told her, "when you step up to the Half Marathon Start Line" you need options. You can decide to run or run/walk. Running builds your endurance, and she accepted the challenge to try.

We chatted away and around Mile 4, I could see her start to waiver. I wouldn't let her see my Garmin (she didn't want to see it anyways!) and we plowed through to 5 miles, which included some inclines. I used that opportunity to teach her about "slaying the dragon" on hills/inclines.

When my Garmin alarm went off at Mile 5....

I told to start walking and cool it down.....

The look on her face was priceless! She had no idea she just ran 5 miles. She achieved her goal and caught the star! 

I love this sport. I love coaching/mentoring others to achieve their goals.

I love being able to stand back and watch them celebrate their victories.

I love being able to show someone they have it in them to achieve what they desire to achieve.

I am the blessed one to be witness to such a victory.

Angela - you are FAB-O!  I am so proud of you!

Next stop:  8 miles! 

This weekend, my youngest son will be racing at Sole Purpose at Sunset Park. It's the same location as my birthday run. He will be racing the 2 mile, while I volunteer. I look forward to seeing my fellow Ninja Endurance Racing teammates out there in their Black & White.

No more racing for me until LA Full. I need to rest the leggies - and get lots of massages & stretches. My calves are tighter than a drum.

My son got his first pair of official running shoes yesterday. We bought them at Target. He looks so grown up in these shoes.

What are your weekend plans? Any fun races? Training? I will be doing a long run of 10-12 (provided my calves have loosened up by then, if not I will keep it to 6-7).

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  1. Thank you again Charlene!! I am sure when you say it's time for 8 miles, I will be ready. :)


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