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RACE REPORT: Mardi Gras Masquerade 5K | 2nd Place Women's Overall

This is was my first repeat race of 2012.  I did the same race, same distance, last year.  I SHOULD OF run the 10K, but I wanted to compare my time to last year's race. 

This race was extra special because it marked the debut of my son as a Ninja Endurance Racing Team Member.  He was pretty darned excited this morning!

We arrived at the Railroad Pass Casino/Hotel Parking Lot just before 7am.  Here are my sons doing their interpretation of a "Mardi Gras Pose" 

Met up with fellow Ninja Teammate, Gabe and his #1 fan (his son).

After a quick warm up, it was time to line up.  10K started first (that was Gabe's race)

5 minutes later - my son and I lined up.  The last time I ran this race, I earned 3rd Overall at 27 minutes.  I knew I could break my course PR.

This race also commemorate the 1st anniversary of the first time I used my Garmin.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Garmin!  

After the gun (which is an incline/hill, whatever you want to call it). Not always a great way to start a race, huh?

Starting at Mile 1/2 I was in 2nd Place.  My pace felt solid, no labored breathing.

Up and down the rolling inclines until the turn-around which is a little on the flat side.

After the turn-around, the freak accidents of them all.  I remember taking in a deep breath and a big gust of wind came at me.  I have NO idea - what happened for about 2-5 seconds (I think) but I remember my brain going "dark".

Next thing I  remember, I am WALKING.  Yes, WALKING on a 5k.  I worked on getting my breathing back.  I felt like I had the wind knocked out of me.

Wind kept going, but now that I was on a  course hill decline, it didn't bother me as much. My mind, however was out of the game.  Whatever knocked the wind out of me, knocked my brain into another city.

Luckily, with all my training on downhills, my body just went into automatic. Phew.

I wasn't in any pain, nor did I feel sick - I just couldn't breathe.  I know I have asthma, but never felt anything like this.

Has this happened to anyone while running?

Crossing the finish line - my oldest son was standing there with my inhaler (it's usually protocol for me to use my inhaler pre and post race).  Thank you, son!

I finished in 24:51 - missed my PR by 7 seconds and earned 2nd Place Women's Overall. I beat my last year time by almost 3 minutes. 

Gathered my bearings, drank some water and started watching for my son to come in.  Eventually, I ran back out and ran him in.  He finished strong!

Then, I ran back out and found teammate, Gabe.  He also finished strong and looked great out there!

Here is our Ninja Endurance Racing Team post-race (don't ya love the purpose ribbon flying across my faced?  lol)

Ninja Endurance Racing Team
Here is my long-awaited picture with Kenneth Coats.  He is my Hero from the Laughlin Half.  If you know the story, you know why.

In honor of "Run for Sherry" Day - here we are.

R.I.P. Sherry.  Your life has left an impression on runners worldwide.  

Kristin, Angela, Me and Karen
Then, of course - Ladybug Ball pictures (sorry my son is squinting)

Going forward, I feel I need to regroup and reorganize my speed work sessions.  I am in a plateau of 5K finish times around the high 24:00 range. 

Great and fun event.  It was great to see so many wearing their Mardi Gras beads and masks.  My son had a blast and is loving his First-Ever Finisher Medal.

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