Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Race Day Focus for Surf City Half Marathon | Cowabunga!

Sometime Friday AM, my sons and I will depart for Huntington Beach, CA. Hubby is staying behind to take care of our girls (dogs).

We look forward to returning to Huntington Beach. We started our Family Vacation at this beach, last September. It was the place we celebrated Honeybear's 12th Birthday and we said our final good-bye to our Ladybug. While one might think running by the same beach will make me sad, it really won't. I will feel very close to her, and that will give me peace.  

I have kept my training consistent since Angel and also adding some indoor bike training. Keeping a fast peddle for 90-120 minutes is quite tiring!

Snow Canyon and Vegas Half - I ate out within 24-48 hrs of race time. Both, left me feeling queasy (that's an understatement). SO,I am not leaving anything to chance. We have a hotel with a full kitchenette and we are going grocery shopping the moment we arrive in Huntington Beach. Just like at home, I will be making our own meals (more economical too). 

We plan to get to the Expo on Friday. I will not sample anything! (again, leaving nothing to chance). I may just go in get my Bib, buy a few souvenirs and leave. Hang sanitizer will nearby, for sure.

Saturday -  we plan to spend some time at the beach.

Sunday - will be race day. My Corral time start is 7:49. I am 3 Corrals back from the Elites.

I am excited to know I will have a good friend on the course taking pictures and video of me. I can use this video to analyze my form. Plus, it makes my husband feel a lot better knowing I have some "eyes" on the course, just in case.

My focus: Continue my sub2 Half Marathon finish times. One thing I have learned, I must to let my body tell me what I am going to do that day. My PR is 1:44:19. I would of never guessed that morning, my body wanted to run at a sub8/mile pace. I will just let my body take me where it wants to go (of course, with a little coaxing from me).

My hope is this race (with 20K of my closest runner friends) will be another 2012 great racing memory.

To my fellow Surf City racers - have a FAB-O race! I can't wait to receive my first Surf Board Medal! 

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  1. Be sure to say hi as you pass me around mile 8 or 9. I'm running the marathon.

  2. I think it will be more of you waving "hi" to me as you run by =) Marathon/Half mergers make me nervous, but I am told this is run the right way.


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