Monday, February 20, 2012

My 20 + a 5K Recovery | Not As Bad As I Thought It Would Be

Yesterday I set out to run/walk my first-ever 20 miles.  My goal was to run 3mins - walk 1 minute. I ended up run/walking 20 + a 5k = 23.13 miles. On Saturday, I had woke up at 3am, drove 2 1/2 hrs to run a 5 mile race and then back home for another 2 1/2 hrs.  Looking back...I think my legs were more fatigued on Sunday, than I realized. 

I miscalculated the route, pre-run and didn't even look at my Garmin until the turn around. That was when I realized I was going to be going 20++++ miles.  (Oh dear.)

My head was ready for 20 miles, but not 23.  In that distance, those extra 3 miles will make a difference.

The first half of the run was tough.  Inclines with wind gusts of 20-33mph from Miles 3-15, and then gusts came back 19-23.  

The constant stopping at every crosswalk from Mile 5 - 15, was nothing but annoying and really messed with my running mojo.

Through it all, my attitude was solid.  I didn't start feeling PAIN until Mile 19.  Not the "hit the wall" pain (which I did not hit The Wall, btw) - but PAIN in my glutes (butt) and my Hammies/Calves.  The cool down walk of 1 mile was the most painful walk I have ever done.

By the time I walked into the door, I wanted to cry.  Luckily, my boys knew the post-running drill.  Get the ice packs, heating pads and help momma take off her shoes.  While they were getting everything ready, I stretched out.  Amazing how much better my legs felt after a few moments of stretching.  Here is a picture of my ice packs:  (yes, I use them all!)

Next, I drank two huge glasses of chocolate milk.  Not cow's milk, but Almond Milk.

After my icing and heating bad session (I used the heating pads on my lower back and glutes) I did a foam roller and The Stick session followed with another stretching session.  Here is my Roller and Stick.  I prefer the Trigger Point GRID Roller.  It has the grooves in it, that makes the massage more effective.  You can find the roller here and The Stick here. I also carry The Stick in my race-day backpack.  It's a great tool post-race to loosen up those achy muscles.

I did 3 Sessions of the Ice, Heating Pad, Roller, Stick before I went to bed. 

My next step into recovery was ensuring the inflammation in my body was kept to a minimum.  If you know me longer than 6 months, you know I am a dedicated user and advocate of Dr. Robert H. Keller's Glutathione research.  Myself and my family have been user of his products since 2008.  Went off of them in 2010 for a short period of time and it was horrible.  Simply horrible.  For athletes and non-athletes, keeping your Glutathione levels at it's highest is essential for overall health.  You cannot ADD Glutathione to your body, you can only RAISE your Glutathione levels.  Think about it - I am a 50 yr old woman who started running at the age of close to 49.  I don't get sick with cold's, flu's, I don't have muscles tension issues, etc.  I know that having high levels of the Anti-Oxidant Powerhouse, Glutathione in my body is the key factor in my health. You can find more about the products here .

Give it a try - and tell me what you think.  If you do order it, please let me know, I would be happy to walk you through the short detox process. do I feel this morning?  I feel well.  A little sore and tired, but no pain.  Started off my morning with freshly made juice -

This will be the staple of my diet, today.  I have a nice big pitcher waiting for me.

Here is a picture of the glass of the juice.  Love the colors (and the flavors, too!)

Stretched my legs out and I am now sitting at my desk with the heating pads on my back and glutes, again.  The key is to keep the blood moving to promote recovery.  I will continue my Ice, Heating Pad, Roller, Stick routine throughout the day.  Later on, I will be taking my dogs for a 2 mile Recovery Jog.

I am so grateful for the 23, not doing the 20.  Why?  I learned some valuable lessons about myself.

1.  I am capable of finishing 26.2.  I won't be the fastest runner on the block, but I will finish.  I now know, without question, how I will feel after the Full.  Prediction:  under 5 hrs.
2.  I need to double my leg workouts until the LA Full.  Typically, I do Leg ST on Wednesday's.  I will now add Friday to the routine.
3.  I need to spend more time on stretching during the week.
4.  I have my fueling and nutrition just where I need it for the race.  I didn't hit the Wall, at all.  The only issue I faced was the pain in my glutes and hammies/calves.  That slowed me down considerably.  I will be able to offset that pain by more ST and keeping my form in check.

When you were preparing for your First Full - 
        what lessons did you learn about yourself?  

What steps did you take post-run to ensure a good and recovery?  

I would love to hear your experiences, please share!

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  1. My first marathon was LA in 1989. I learned it was the most enriching experience crossing the finish line. I was hooked. Good post and use the grooved roller. You will cross that finish line this year and it will be a joyful overwhelming experience.

  2. Hi Jim, thanks for your comment and insight. I do hope it will be a joyful experience. I am looking forward to finally saying I have finished a Full.


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