Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FAB RUNNING Virtual Celebration Race Website is LIVE!

Yesterday, I posted a preview of the FAB Running Virtual Celebration Race website!

In the coming days - you can look forward to the following web site additions:

1. Registration opens soon!  (NO additional fees to register)
2. Personalized Bib will be posted (anyone can download, but only those who have registered will receive the Bling, Double Bling, prizes and perks)
3. Additional Prize Sponsors will be added!  (HINT:  some non-running TV Celebrities are contributing some great prizes). 
4. Images of the medals will be posted (I promise you will LOVE the Bling!)
5. Details of the Vegas race day locations.

If you have not already, please LIKE the Official FAB Running Page.  I will be posting updates on a regular basis.  It is also open to any questions you have.

Thank you again for your interest and supporting a great cause!

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