Thursday, February 9, 2012

*CHAR SHARES* Change vs Improvement | Which Do You Choose?


"Time to change"

"I am changing my life"

"Change for the better"

All the weight-loss shows are about "changing their lives". All the weight loss advise is about "changing their lifestyle". All the training methods are about "changing our athletic performance".

While at Surf City, I had a short conversation with someone at the Start Line. It was a discussion about changing our lives for the better. Without even thinking, I said, "I didn't change my life, I improved my life".

Ironically, that was the foremost thought throughout the entire race. I realized that I didn't CHANGE my life, I IMPROVED it.

For the most part, I do not have any resistance to change. It's a part of life. Life is a constant movement, whether it be forward or backwards. Today is not the same as yesterday.

However, I know, that most are resistant to change, in anyway. Even if it is for the better. It's like a Tug of War in our brains, everyday.

Change is not ALWAYS positive.

IMPROVEMENT is positive. Even if you are starting at the lowest point, an IMPROVEMENT is positive. 

Instead of saying you are "changing your life" - why not say "you are improving your life"

Watch how your attitude changes.

Please share your thoughts....

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