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If you are a racer, you probably heard of "The Endorphin Dude" and his quest to achieve Titanium Marathon Status in 2011. If you missed the story, here is my interview with Tony: Click Here

Since then, his little "Chiweenie" decided she wanted to be in the spotlight, also....and since I am a obsessive dog lover.  I couldn't resist her beautiful brown eyes.

As we recognize and celebrate Valentine's Day with those we love, I thought I would share with you a heart warming interview of unconditional love....

Introducing.....Chewbacca, The Endorphin Chiwennie

How old are you?

Chiweenie (C) Now Miss Ragsdale, you know you can't ask a girl that question! But since I look pretty darn good for my age, I don't mind telling. I am five years old, which I understand is 35 in dog years. I look pretty darn good for being in my mid thirties, don't you think? It's all the exercise I get. I am Endorphin Dude's side kick, and even though my legs are the size of the mozzarella sticks at Denny's, I can keep up with all that Titanium stuff.
You're a female dog. How did you get the name Chewbacca?

(C) Apparently, I had kennel cough and sounded like Chewbacca. I have no clue what a Chewbacca is. I just go with it!  

When did you meet your daddy, Tony?  What did you think the first time you met him?  What was your first night in your new home like?  

(C) Good Lord! That was so long ago! I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon at the Peninsula Humane Society. I heard the front desk lady say that someone was there to see me. I didn't think much of it because I know the drill: the humans show up, look for puppies, and they go home with the little guys. Nobody wants a full grown dog, and as cute of a Chiweenie as I am, the reality is that it's much harder for us older doggies to get adopted. When I first met E-Dude, I growled at him, yet he still hung out with me in the meet and greet room. Yeah, I was skeptical at first, but he sat in that room for two hours playing with me! We really hit it off! Sure enough, he took me to the front desk and said "I'll take her." I was so happy! I couldn't believe it! I was going to a new home! In any case, my first night in Casa Endorphin was heaven. After spending weeks in a kennel, it was nice to snuggle up in a nice warm bed with my new human. You know what the best part was? For the first time ever, I felt wanted. 

What's your favorite food?

(C) If I could eat grilled pork every day, I'd do it. Endorphin Grandma used to give me some under the table when nobody was looking. Let's keep that last comment off the record! I don't want to get Grandma in trouble!
Favorite toy?

(C) I like the stuff that squeaks! I have this little blue hamburger that I love messing around with.
Have a boy dog friend?

(C) I have nothing to hide. I do have a boy friend, but he's not a dog. My boy friend is a cat. There, I said it! I said it loud and proud! I'm in love with a cat! His name is Romeo and he's my Doggy Nanny's cat.
Your daddy speaks of how you got him out the door for a walk and then soon, he was running. What did you think when he started running? 

(C) The happiest day of my life was when my daddy adopted me. Can you imagine what it was like for me when I saw him collapse on the living room floor? One day, my daddy came home from work and thought he was having a heart attack. That freaked me out!  Being an orphan is no fun, and I did not want to back to the pound! Fortunately, he turned his life around and got healthy. I totally dig that he's a runner now because we hang out outdoors so much more these days!
Then, soon your daddy said he wanted to run 52 marathons in one year.  What did you think?

(C) Honestly? First thing I thought was, "Sure, good luck with that one, oh mighty caped one." But he did it! 
Your daddy has been all over the country chasing after his Titanium dream.  What races did you see him race?  

(C) My Doggie Nanny, Chris Bliss, took me to Golden Gate Park to see Endorphin Dude at mile 12 of the 2011 San Francisco Marathon. It was awesome to see my dad at his favorite marathon. I also got to see him cross the finish line at the Nike Women's Marathon! That was beyond cool because everyone knew who I was! I guess he posts a lot of pics of me on his Facebook and people recognized me. I felt like a celebrity!
Did you run in any of the races with him?  If so, how was that?

(C) Toward the end of Endorphin Dude's Titanium quest, I got to take many road trips down to Southern California. I even ran a few of those marathons! Well, I didn't "run" them exactly. I got to sit in the doggie backpack as Endorphin Dude ran. It was fun!

So, what's next for your Daddy and you in 2012?

(C) I hear he's going for that belt buckle. One Hundred Miles! Boy oh boy. I also hear he's running a slew of half marathons. I guess I'll be spending a lot of time with the Doggie Nanny and her cat, *wink wink*.
Anything you wish you could tell your daddy?

(C) My life got perfect when you brought me home. I love you Endorphin Dude!  Happy Valentines Day!

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(c) C. Ragsdale 2011-12
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