Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Tranformation Story: Ruth Furman (Las Vegas, NV)

Every once in a while, a transformation story comes along that takes your breath away.

This is one of those times, about my good friend, Ruth Furman (Las Vegas)

While I did not know Ruth before her transformation began, I know her now. I have been blessed to run some of the same race courses with her and cheer her on into the Finish Line.

A few years ago, she made a New Year's Resolution to never fit into these pants again.

And here is one of our pictures - taken after Running With the Devil in June 2011 (she is the one without the visor)

Wanna see what she looks like in everyday clothes?  Get ready to get your socks blown off!  

Ruth, my friend - you are an inspiration not by what you lost, but what inspiration you have given to so many.

I am proud of YOU and look forward to being a part of your fitness incredible journey for many years to come!

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  1. Wow, she looks great! I'm about 60 pounds into the 90 I want to lose, myself. People like Ruth are a huge inspiration!

  2. That's awesome - I love these stories and can totally relate. Running helped me achieve my own goals (90+ pound) journey.

    She looks beautiful.

  3. Meg & Jenn - thank you for the comments. Isn't Ruth an incredible example of persistence? Good luck to the both of you in your journey. But, I am sure you won't need any luck - you are almost there! LIVE FAB-O!


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