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RACE REPORT: LVTC Fund the Fund Championship Series 10K | Another PR, go figure

One of these days, I am going to figure out when I am not feeling 100% how in the world I can run a PR.

I ran the LVTC Fund the Fund Championship Series 10k

For those who do know know what the LVTC Championship Series is - CLICK HERE.

I registered for the race, not to be a contender for the Championship Series (which I won't be), but for another 10K race experience. I am attacking my 10K races (aka fear) just like I did with the hills.

The morning was COLD. Like 30 degrees before the sun comes up. That might not be cold to any other part of the country - but for us, desert peeps - it's COLD.

My sons were assigned to be "human traffic cones". They were going to be positioned as certain places within the course to ensure the racers are in the right direction. They also did this during the 11-11-11 race.

By gun time, it was warming up. It wasn't too bad. I was in my iddy biddy shorts, as I know I run better in shorts, than I do with the longer shorts. While I have raced in this park several times, the course is always different. It's one of those locations, a RD can change it up. This time, we were taking the incline twice. Typically, it is only once. Oh joy.

I consumed my PowerBar Performance bar an hour and my PowerBar Strawberry Banana gel about 20 minutes before gun time. Of course, chasing both with water. Saving another gel for the course, just in case.

It wasn't a large field of racers, but Championship races bring out some of the fastest in the area. Oh yes, I already knew I would be the caboose. LOL

Met up with a few friends beforehand, Karen and Celeste

Start of Race.  RD, Tim Kelly giving final instructions
Gun goes off and we are heading right into the incline, pretty quickly. This one, was no problem. I knew my legs would give me problems (fell down a few days ago & I got pretty banged up).  I just let my body go as it needed, when it needed. Made the decision, I would not push it, unless I was sure I could.

I was holding steady about 8:30ish through Mile 3. I did start to feel some leg pain, I changed my body position to ensure I was not putting more pressure on my legs, than I should be. That kinda messed with my groove a bit.  

As I came to the second round of the incline, I was slower, but hovering around 8:55. Typically, I run that incline at 9:05ish.

Breathing was good.

As I am nearing the 5.5 mark, I see my friend, Alejandro's girlfriend, Priscilla on the side of the road screaming at me. My first thought is she is telling me that Alejandro was hurt. Within seconds, I realized she was yelling at me to tell me that Alejandro was just ahead to run me into the finish. Alejandro was the same friend who paced me at the Resolution Run on New Year's Eve.

He met up with me, and by that time I was into my kick. I finished the last 3/4 of a mile with 1/10 splits at sub7. No wonder I felt like I wanted to puke LOL

I glanced at the clock when I finished and saw 52:something-something. I knew my PR was 52:45.

It took me awhile to realize I had PR'd by 20 seconds.  

Again, how in the world did that happen? But, I will take it. I am on a quest to improve my strength, pacing and kick on a 10K - if that gives me new PR's, that's an added perk.  Maybe I should fall down more often, before a race? 

Then, I find out that my friend Alejandro and Thomas also PR'd. Not only did they PR, but Thomas took 2nd overall. Alejandro took 2nd in his Age Div. Our other friend, Betty took 1st in the Masters. What a great day to see others succeed!

Here is our group picture:
Me, Betty, Thomas and Alejandro with our race hardware
Here is my picture with Ladybug's Ball in the trophy.

All-in-all a good, solid race.  Another 10K done. I look forward to the race I can race a sub50 10K.
BTW, here is a cute picture of Alejandro and Priscilla (I can still hear her screaming at me at mile 5.5 until the finish)

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