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RACE REPORT: Chefs For Kids 5K | Cold, Wind & Lots of White Coats

Awhile back I had a choice to make.

Run the St George (Utah) Half or the Vegas Chefs for Kids 5K. Being, that my husband is a Chef - this was a no brainer.

I was asked to join his work team from Mandalay Bay. I later found out that they named the "ringer" (that way, they knew they had at least one fast runner).

Here is our team picture - I am the one in the blue warm up pants. My husband is behind me. See the red dots? That's our Ladybug patches.

Race morning was cold. Rains and winds were anticipated. Met up with my chiropractor, Dr. Nick Savatgy who brought his Bishop Gorman HS team. All blazing fast.

The organizers gave out Chef Coats, Hats and a great goodie bag. We were SUPPOSE to wear the chef coat during the race. That wasn't happening with me. I am such an distracted runner, the slightest thing different throws me off.

The coat and hat are now on display on my bling wall :)

This race, I decided to try something new for my breathing. Trying to give my lungs one more added boost of oxygen. I wore a nose strip. I felt so Elite LOL  But the strips really made a difference. 

Warm up was good. Some tightness behind the knee and calf/shin (residue from the dog walking tumble I took over a week ago) - but I felt strong to give it this my best shot. My PR is 24:55 - I knew I could beat it, on this course.

Standing at the start line with my buddies, Gabe, Thomas and Alejandro.  Gun went off and those little speedsters were turning the corner before I started running (or it seemed so).

As we turned the corner - BAM BAM BAM - WIND!!!!!!!!!!!!

Head wind, side winds and all around winds.

Turned another corner and I had NO choice but to put my head down and run INTO the wind. Dirt kicking up from the street. Even with my glasses, that wind was kicking into my eyes. Yep, the pace plummeted.

Kept my breathing controlled. Keeping form the best I could with the wind.

At the turn around - we had a little rest from the wind, but not for long.

Came back around the wind was worse than coming in.

Finally passed my husband as he was coming into the turn around. Passed all my Mandalay Bay teammates.

This was tough.

Final corner, I hit my sprint, but the wind was still holding me back. Not much of a sprint. Crossed in 24:58. No PR, but what can I expect from a horribly windy day. Yep, the wind cost me the PR - but it was a good speedwork.  My final last half mile splits (every 1/10 of a mile) were at sub7. Sweet.

  • Thomas got 2nd overall
  • Gabe got a PR and 3rd in his Age Division
  • Chiropractor, Dr. Nick Savatgy go 5th Overall & 1st in his Age Division
  • I got 2nd in Masters, but it was later discovered that the person (Teri Gamer) who got 1st Masters should of got the 3rd Place Overall Trophy and I should of got 1st Place Masters. It is in the process of being fixed. Teri earned that trophy, glad she is getting it.

Met up with great pal, Jill. We have never run the same race, at the same time. Here is our FIRST race photo! I am sure there will be many more to come.

Me and my husband's Ladybug ball pictures:

Two more weeks until Surf City. I look forward to running my first California race.

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  1. Congrats on your win! What a great run. It looks like a lot of fun!


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